Energy efficiency in high demand of hot water usage for the hotel industry

Wed, 1 Mar 2023

Energy efficiency in high demand of hot water usage for the hotel industry


Grand Riverview Hotel have been established over long history with the city. A majestic structure that serve the local and tourist due to its strategic location in Kelantan, a snorkelling and diving haven with its crystal clear seawater and coral reef.











The new installation of Waterco’s hot water system in Grand Riverview Hotel Kota Bharu

Peace of mind total solution provider
The building withstood the test of time with the loving care from the operator. However, the heavy duty heating machine require technical supports & compatible parts from manufacturer. Hotel management are facing the struggle where the original service provider and equipment maker unable to extend their continued service, where Waterco, a local manufacturing company with competent engineers set on retrofitting the failure unit with its expansive heating solution.

Engineering a more sustainable world

Through years of research and experience in manufacturing, Waterco’s HWS (hot water system) tailored in providing hot water efficiently with COP (coefficient of performance) up to 6.0 times the original power input.

A 40kWh at peak COP of 6.0 merely consume 6.67kWh of electricity.

An opportunity to decarbonize for greener environment
Unlike traditional electric heating element where there is no COP, the consumption of electricity of HWS heat pump is greatly reduced. Overall cost of electrical component can be lowered due to lower amperage requirement on input power. The zero carbon emission during the heating process is ideal in preserving the environment.


A double-edged advantages

Heat pump heating machine will produce cool air as by-product, this can be channel to cooling tower to improve its cooling capacity.

The reason being heat from ambient air is extracted, thus resulting cooler air being expel from the system. Unlike gas-fired heater, heat pump operation does not involve combustion process, air is clean and no waste gas exhaust. 









Air to water heat pump with R417a refrigerant


Supportive and technical consultation guarantees satisfied clients
A good after sales service is equally important as have a quality & reliable product. Same goes to availability of spare parts and readily available after-sales team.









Waterco’s supportive and technical consultation team ready available after-sales service.

A luxury business and leisure facilities without pollution

The approach of energy saving and environment protection helps the business operate at a more sustainable rate. The heating of water consume tremendous amount of energy due to high heating capacity of water, but it is inevitable due to huge demand of hot water for hotel industry.

The owner and operators of Grand Riverview Hotel are very happy with the installation of Waterco HWS 40kWh heat pump unit. They are now experiencing a reliable heating system and with the resourceful supporting crew from Waterco. Another added benefits is extra cool air generated by heat pump is put into good use by improving cooling tower’s cooling capacity









On-site training for the hotel maintenance team.










The Hotel Grand Riverview enjoys a central location overlooking the Kelantan River.


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Download: Grand Riverview Hotel Kota Bharu Malaysia case study.pdf


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