Waterco Mineral Crystals

The effectiveness of bathing in magnesium has been documented in the health and wellness industry for decades – and exemplified by the Dead Sea – and now swimmers can experience the same skin soothing properties with Waterco’s new Mineral Crystals.

Working alongside existing water balancing chemicals, this high quality, fast dissolving product not only improves pool water with a blend of naturally occurring minerals but also moisturises your skin as you swim.

    •   Are Waterco Mineral Crystals safe to use with other pool chemicals?

      Yes, Waterco Mineral Crystals are safe to use with other pool chemicals. However, it is always a good idea to test your pool water's balance after adding any new chemical.

    •   Can I use Waterco Mineral Crystals in my chlorine pool or spa?

      Yes, it is common to use Waterco Mineral Crystals in pools or spas that do not have a saltwater chlorinator to get all of the benefits of relaxing in a mineral oasis.

    •   Can I use Waterco Mineral Crystals in my saltwater pool?

      Yes, Waterco Mineral Crystals can be used in a saltwater pool. In fact, some pool owners specifically choose Mineral Crystals to supplement their saltwater pool. However, it's essential to note that while Mineral Crystals can provide certain benefits like water softening and relaxation, it's not a direct replacement for the primary function of a salt in a saltwater pool.

    •   How do I add Waterco Mineral Crystals to my Pool or Spa?

      Waterco Mineral Crystals are simply added to your pool water according to the directions on the product label. The amount of Mineral Crystals that you will need to add will depend on the size of your pool and the type of Salt Chlorinator fitted.

      A few tips to make the addition simple:

      • Balance the pH to 7.2-7.6, Total alkalinity to between 100ppm - 140ppm, and the free available chlorine to between 1ppm - 3ppm
      • Add the Mineral Crystals evenly around the pool or spa and broom in to assist in the dissolving process.


    •   How often should I add Waterco Mineral Crystals to my pool?

      You should add Waterco Mineral Crystals to your pool as required to maintain the desired magnesium level in your pool water.

      Tip - have your water tested monthly by your local pool professional and advise them you have a Mineral Crystal pool.

    •   What are the benefits of adding Mineral Crystals to my pool?

      Adding Mineral Crystals to your pool water provides several benefits

      • Waterco Mineral Crystals can help soften the water, making it feel smoother and more pleasant on the skin
      • Soothes and moisturizes the skin
      • It may also contribute to reducing stress and promoting relaxation during swimming and bathing
      • Promotes extra clarity to the water

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