Asteria Mui Ne Resort Trusts Waterco for Perfection

Wed, 20 Mar 2024

Enjoying a leisure swim in a 2000m2 infinity pool with the breathtaking view


Asteria Mui Ne Resort Trusts Waterco for Perfection

At Waterco, we firmly believe that quality and reliability are the foundations that not only attract but retain valued customers. We are committed to cultivating long-lasting customer relationships through an enthusiasm for excellence. By consistently offering reliable solutions, we endeavour not just to meet but to exceed customer expectations. This principle rings true in the case of Asteria Mui Ne Resort, in which a trusted patron of us has once again opted for our products to cater to their pool needs.

Asteria Mui Ne Resort
Located in the coastal resort town of Mui Ne in Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan Province, Vietnam, Asteria Mui Ne Resort is one of the newest go-to resort hotels for travellers worldwide. Be it to frolic along the renowned white and red sand dunes, or to enjoy the freshest steamed seafood that is literally fresh off the boat of Mui Ne Harbour, Asteria Mui Ne is undoubtedly among one of the great choices a stone’s throw away.
Nevertheless, for some of us, a perfect vacation simply means relaxing in the vicinity of the resort: enjoying a leisure swim in a 2000m2 infinity pool with the breathtaking view of Mui Ne and its sand dunes as the backdrop; going for a dip in a humungous massage pool with other like-minded resort guests. Now, that’s what a vacation is all about!

Recognising Quality
When Asteria Mui Ne was newly established, it sought out the expertise of Vietnam’s very own pool specialist – KITI Construction and Trading Company, simply known as KITI Pool. With over 15 years of experience in swimming pool and water treatment services, KITI Pool is no stranger to quality pool equipment.

As an advocate of reliable pool products and services, KITI Pool recommends to its customer base only the best, with Waterco proudly being among the trusted brands they endorse. KITI Pool has utilised Waterco’s lineup of equipment in several of their projects over the years. Thus, it is fair to say that KITI Pool would not have persisted in recommending Waterco products to its clientele if not for their quality, reliability and performance. It is worth knowing that even the personal pools of the project executors have opted for Waterco products!

To meet Asteria Mui Ne’s requirement, KITI Pool proposed and installed the following list of equipment:

*Note: For details, descriptions & specifications of Waterco products, kindly refer to the Waterco webpage at

The Stunning 2000m2 Infinity Pool

The Soothing 24-Pax Massage Pool

Project Outcome
The Asteria Mui Ne project was blessed with completion without a hitch. By incorporating the Waterco pool filtration system, Asteria Mui Ne Resort can rest assured that its pools will always be in a clean and clear condition. Moreover, Waterco equipment offers added durability that ensures that the resort’s investment in the pool filtration system is a long-term and cost-effective solution. Prolonged equipment lifespan brings about sustained high-quality water filtration, which in turn, leads to enhanced guest experience, improved operational efficiency and better reputation for excellence in hospitality.


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