Living the Dream with Luxurious Pool Facilities

Mon, 8 Jan 2024

Bukit Pomodoro, Jakarta (Source: Official Website of Bukit Podomoro Jakarta)

Living the Dream with Luxurious Pool Facilities

Bukit Podomoro, a towering beacon of urban luxury in Jakarta, signifies more than just prime real estate. Managed by the prominent Agung Podomoro Group, it stands as a symbol of modernity, comfort and a holistic living experience. An integral part of this experience is health and relaxation, embodied best by their state-of-the-art swimming facilities.

Jakarta’s tropical allure means pools aren’t just an added bonus but a fundamental need for urban retreats like Bukit Podomoro. The requirement? A pool system that mirrors the opulence of its environment, ensuring safety, functionality and energy efficiency.

Aiming for Pool Perfection
Waterco, in collaboration with its trusted partner, PT Sentra Trisanitra, was the chosen knight in shining armour. Here’s how Waterco’s esteemed products became the heart and soul of Bukit Podomoro’s amenities:

•    Adult Pools:
   - 1 unit of Micron Fibreglass S900 Filter
   - 6 units of Hydrostorm Plus 300 1-Phase Pumps

•    Children Pools:
   - 1 unit of Exotuf Thermoplastic E400 Filter
   - 2 units of Supastream 75 3/4HP Pumps






Waterco Filters & Pumps Configuration

A Pool Transformed Inside Out
Waterco’s magic touch turned Bukit Podomoro’s pools into not just waterscapes but dreamscapes. Adult residents can indulge in leisurely swims amidst waters that reflect quality and clarity. At the same time, the little ones are safe to gleefully splash around in inviting environments.






Neatly Arranged Waterco Pumps

Equipment That Speaks Volumes
Waterco’s advanced filament winding machine uses digital control to precisely wind continuous strands of premium fibreglass filament under consistent tension. This process results in a seamless, one-piece vessel marked by its consistent quality and outstanding durability. Without welds, seams, or specific tank linings that might corrode or undergo electrolysis, Waterco’s design stands out. The system’s high efficiency and adaptability enable Waterco to meet the market’s strong demand and accommodate any special requests from customers.

The design of the pumps’ impeller and diffuser is crafted to amplify its hydraulic efficiency while reducing turbulence. This leads to enhanced hydraulic performance, allowing for shorter run times and decreased energy use, thereby cutting down on operating expenses.

The pump’s structure is crafted using cutting-edge engineering plastic moulding, reinforced with a singular-piece strainer pot and volute for added durability. It also integrates a high-quality 316 stainless steel mechanical seal, offering added resistance against potential corrosion from agents like chlorinated water, ozone, iodine, Baquacil, bromine and salt water.

A Pool Estate that is More Than Resident-Worthy
Pool facilities do more than just please residents, they offer a long-term investment that will last for years to come. With Waterco, this is no longer a vision in mind, but a reality in action, proven by Bukit Pomodoro’s esteemed results.


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