The Delta Sport Centre Transformation with Waterco

Mon, 8 Jan 2024

The Delta Sport Centre Transformation with Waterco


The Delta Sport Centre, nestled at 900 Tiong Bahru Road, Singapore, is more than just a place for sports enthusiasts. Opened on 7 Nov 1979, it has become a cherished hub for communities, witnessing countless memories over the decades. But like all great things withstanding the test of time, it needed a rejuvenating touch. In mid-2020, Sport Singapore, the institution behind the centre, embarked on an ambitious project: revitalize the Delta swimming complex.

The Sports Centre Challenge
Swimming complexes are not just about pools filled with water; they’re about providing a safe, clean and invigorating environment for swimmers of all ages. The heart of any swimming complex is its filtration system. The older filters at Delta Sport Centre had served their time well, but they were due for an upgrade.


For this particular upgrading work, the following facilities were involved:

•    Competition Pool
•    Training Pool
•    Children Pool
•    Kid Water Playground

Recognising the need for a top-tier solution, Hitachi Aqua-Tech Engineering Pte Ltd, the builders of this revitalisation project, turned to a name synonymous with quality in the water filtration industry: Waterco.

Waterco, with its innovative range of equipment, presented a solution that was both efficient and tailored to the diverse needs of the Delta Sport Centre. The following set of equipment was proposed:

•    4 units of Micron Fibreglass SM1600 (4.0 BAR) Filters
•    5 units of Micron Fibreglass SM1200 (4.0 BAR) Filters
•    1 unit of Micron Fibreglass SM600 (4.0 BAR) Filter
•    3 units of Hydrostar 200 Pumps






Installation site @ Delta Sport Centre

















Waterco’s On-site Pump Configuration







Waterco’s On-site Filter Configuration


And the Final Outcome...
In early 2021, Delta Sport Centre reopened its doors, revealing a sparkling transformation. Each pool glistened, with water quality that matched international standards. The public’s response was overwhelmingly positive, with many commenting on the noticeably clearer water and the enhanced overall swimming experience.

Waterco’s involvement in the Delta Sport Centre’s revitalisation offers more than a mere business collaboration. It tells a story of how the right partnerships, innovative solutions and a commitment to quality can breathe new life into community hubs, making them ready for future generations.

New and improved pool facilities @ Delta Sport Centre


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