A Simple Yet Perfect Solution

Tue, 9 Jan 2024

A Simple Yet Perfect Solution

Quality water is the essence of a prestige clubhouse, particularly when it comes to its swimming facilities. The pristine condition of the water in these aquatic retreats is paramount to the enjoyment and well-being of club members and guests.

The shimmering surface of the pool shows how invested the club management is in water quality. Beyond aesthetics, the assurance of clean water is crucial for the health of swimmers and patrons who indulge in aquatic activities. Members and guests can engage in poolside relaxation, swim laps or any water-based fitness programmes with confidence, knowing in their mind that the water and pools adhere to rigorous standards.

Moreover, the commitment to water management in swimming pools reflects the club’s dedication to delivering a premium experience and its promise of quality.

The Quantis Club
The Quantis Club is the biggest sports club in BSD City, Jakarta. Touted as the best clubhouse in the neighbourhood, The Quantis Club is the birthchild of Indonesia’s largest and most diverse property developer – PT Sinar Mas Land. Known for its extensive experience of over 50 years in the field of property development, PT Sinar Mas Land is synonymous with quality and excellence, and hence, so is The Quantis Club.

Among its many sports facilities, The Quantis Club consists of an Olympic-size swimming pool and a 1,000 m2 thematic pool, and the club management team is steadfast in maintaining their water quality. With that, they turned to the consultation and advice of the professional – PT. Sumber Tirta Destek, one of Jakarta’s leading contractors and specialists in pool facilities. Given the needs and requirements of the clubhouse, PT. Sumber Tirta Destek proposed Waterco’s product as its solution.

Professionals at work
The demand of The Quantis Club is fairly simple: A system capable of meeting the filtration and maintenance requirements of its pools. Likewise, the needed solution is just as straightforward: An effective pump and filter system that delivers superior filtration action. It’s all about knowing which equipment in your arsenal can meet your customer’s needs.

As professionals, PT. Sumber Tirta Destek and Waterco know just the set of equipment that is right for the job:

• 6 Units of SM1400 Micron Side-Mount Sand Filters (including MPV: 6-way multiport valves with universal union connection
   and pressure gauge)
• 3 Units of S702 Micron Top-Mount Sand Filters
• 3 Units of S1050 Micron Top-Mount Sand Filters
• 2 Units of S500 Micron Top-Mount Sand Filters
• 6 Units of Hydrostar 600 MKIII Commercial Pumps
• 3 Units of Supatuf 150 Pumps
• 5 Units of Hydrostorm Plus 300 Pumps
• 4 Units of Aquamite 75 Pumps

























Waterco’s Pump System neatly configured and installed at its dedicated space, facilitating the ease of the monitoring and maintenance works

The many benefits of Waterco’s products
Waterco’s superior filtration system proves to be an invaluable asset for The Quantis Club’s water-based amenities, benefitting both patrons and the management team. The solution employed by PT. Sumber Tirta Destek and Waterco ensures that the pool water is consistently cleansed, removing impurities and contaminants to meet tough pool standards. This not only contributes to an inviting pool environment that is pleasing to the eyes but also provides patrons with a safe and hygienic swimming experience.

Moreover, the efficient filtration system reduces the need for frequent maintenance, saving both time and resources for the management team. Additionally, the durability of Waterco’s equipment enables minimized operational disruptions.

Fair to say, with Waterco’s filtration system, The Quantis Club can offer a pristine aquatic haven, raising member and guest satisfaction and easing pool management.

The Quantis Club’s alluring thematic pool

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