A Splash of Pure Elegance

Fri, 21 Jul 2023

A Splash of Pure Elegance

A prestigious jewel in the popular Sentosa Island, The Singapore Island Country Club (SICC) invites visitors to experience its elite charm. Offering an exceptional standard of service, the country club has garnered praise for its steadfast commitment to providing top-notch hospitality. This exclusive retreat offers a harmonious escape from bustling city life. Here, the island’s breathtaking panoramas set the scene for a memorable getaway. The club is home to world-renowned golf courses, tennis courts and majestic pool sanctuaries. Over the years, the establishment has captured the hearts of many, earning the country club’s status as a beloved icon among locals and tourists alike.

Safeguarding its Water Quality
SICC has one goal in mind – reserving only the best for its members. The club’s pool facilities are especially a favourite among its patrons. The catch? More people, hence, more work to keep the pool in tiptop condition. In order to adapt to these demands, the management decided to consult their vcompany, Hitachi Aqua- Tech Engineering Pte Ltd. Considering the club’s esteemed reputation, Hitachi turned to Waterco. Familiar with our organization from years of past collaborations, Hitachi deemed Waterco a reliable choice and was highly confident in the quality of our products and services.

Waterco Delivering the Perfect Solution
The task at hand was not a simple one, as there were multiple aqua sources requiring intervention. The club’s massive infrastructure houses 4 water features, a water fountain, a lagoon pool, a kid’s pool, and a lap pool. To tackle each of these areas, Waterco put forward a comprehensive variety of its equipment, which included:

  • 5 Units of Hydrostar 700 MKIV 80mm Port (3 Phase)
  • 17 Units of Hydrostar 550 MKIV 80mm Port (3 Phase)
  • 1 Unit of Hydrostar 400 MKIV 80mm Port (3 Phase)
  • 1 Unit of Hydrostorm Plus 300 - 65mm Ports X 50mm Unions (1 Phase)
  • 1 Unit of Hydrostorm Plus 300 - 65mm Ports X 50mm Unions (3 Phase)
  • 1 Unit of Hydrostorm Plus 100 - 50mm Port (1 Phase) MK I
  • 10 Units of SM900 c/w 50mm MPV + Sweep Elbow Kit - 4 Bar
  • 2 Units of SM750 c/w 50mm MPV + Sweep Elbow Kit - 4 Bar
  • 12 Units of Hydrochlor MK3 Power Pack ST
  • 4 Units of Cell Plates & Housing - Hydrochlor 2500 (13)
  • 8 Units of Cell Plates & Housing - Hydrochlor 3000 (13)
  • 1 Unit of Trimline Plus C25
  • 2 Units of Trimline CC50
  • 2 Units of Trimline CC75
  • 2 Units of Trimline CC100
  • 158 Bags of Zeoplus (0.6-1.2mm) (25kg / Bag)

Instead of merely a decent filtration system, Waterco was determined to deliver a competent system which could support the SICC’s immense pool load. The Hydrostar and Hydrostorm pumps were a major stepping stone in the process. These high-power, markedly resistant pumps pack a dynamic hydraulic efficiency with minimal disruption. Noted for their strong material build and ability to run under pressure, the pumps satisfy all commercial requisites of the various water facilities in SICC.

Next, we focused on another important aspect of pool care – chlorination. 12 units of Hydrochlor MK3 were designated by Waterco to give that extra dose of sanitisation. What’s more, Waterco’s Hydrochlor breaks conventional barriers with its innovative twist: Instead of just releasing chlorine into the water, the Hydrochlor MK3 is engineered to generate healthier, skin-friendly water while shrinking the chemical content as much as possible. The Hydrochlor MK3 goes hand-in-hand with Waterco’s Mineral Crystals that are added to the pool water. This results in a mixture of magnesium minerals, a substance known for its natural health benefits. It also protects swimmers from having to endure the disadvantages of chlorine, namely skin and eye irritation. Not only that, the Hydrochlor MK3 conserves energy, detects and regulates salt levels, and even performs automated self-cleaning, optimising convenience for its users.

Of course, a pool system is nonexistent without its primary filter. For the country club’s intricate water network, Waterco installed its premium Micron Side-Mount filters that boast elaborate fibreglass constituents, constructed to withstand heavy workloads, harsh chemicals and weather conditions. The side mount configuration gives the filter an additional edge in maintaining a congruent water path. Its simple design also allows for direct and easy maintenance, making it a practical device to own.

Additionally, the Trimline Plus filters were concurrently established within the water filtration system. As with any large capacity pool, bigger waste particles are bound to get lodged somewhere along the system. To prevent this occurrence, multiple models of Waterco’s Trimline Plus are utilised to intercept debris like leaves and solid materials, effectively avoiding disruption to the main framework. To tie it all together, a special type of filter media was applied. The Waterco Zeoplus is derived from volcanic mineral rocks that exude unique healing properties. It acts by absorbing ammonia which is profusely found in pool water due to swimming activity. Through its dual filtration mechanism, pollutant
removal is all the more secure, culminating in clearer, less chlorinated waters.

Five-Star Water Fit for A Five-Star Country Club

Working harmoniously with one another, Waterco’s mutually synergistic system succeeds in meeting SICC’s requirements and expectations. Waterco continues to stay true to its pledge in providing clean and beneficial waters for everyone to enjoy.


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Download: The Singapore Island Country Club -SICC-_A Splash of Pure Elegance Case Study.pdf

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