Waterco’s Glass Pearl technology greatly improves pool water quality in Japan

Tue, 19 Jul 2022

Waterco’s Glass Pearl technology greatly improves pool water quality in a cost-effective way

Crystal clear water at the Tsujishita Residence after installation of the S602 filter with Glass Pearls media by Waterco.

Swim in crystal clear, clean water with Waterco Glass Pearl technology pool filtration system.

•    Eco-Friendly Filter System
•    Superior Glass Pearl Technology
•    Water Savings Of More Than 20%
•    Low-Cost And Lasting Solution
•    Crystal Clear, Cleaner Water










The compact filter system is neatly tucked away at the Angola Embassy.










The pool looks at its best after the use of a Glass Pearl water filter from Waterco at the Asahina Kindergarten.


Setting: A multi-swimming pool project spread across Japan. Waterco had the task to cater to different swimming pool needs for residential use, swimming lessons and leisure. The pools were located in the Tsujishita Residence, the Angola Embassy and the Asahina Kindergarten.

Challenge: To adopt a cost-effective, purer water filtration solution to replace old filter systems and the need to replace silica sand on a regular basis. When the Tsujishita Residence, the Angola Embassy and the Asahina Kindergarten were fed up with the high turnover rate of replacements involved in commercial sand filters, local distributors of Waterco contacted them.

Solution: A cost-efficient pool filtration system with amazing water clarity. This was achieved with an eco-friendly filter along with the revolutionary Glass Pearl media.

Why is Micron S602 the best choice?

The Micron S602 ECO filter has a built-in hydraulically efficient system, which saves water and energy. The fiberglass wound filtration is unique to the model. It offers great depth filtration that effectively traps dirt and prevents impurities from passing through.

The Micron S602 is easy to operate by using the Waterco Multiport Valve, switching from filter to backwash mode to get rid of trapped sediments. The result is superior water clarity. Less energy is required to operate the pump and hence saves electricity. Furthermore, it lowers the flow rate making filtration a smooth ongoing process.

This highly effective system uses a 50 mm multiport valve that has several benefits like metric or imperial quick-connect unions, glass-filled thermoplastic, durable lever action handle, 6-way multiple valve positions, high-grade stainless-steel components, pressure gauge, wear-resistant rotor, clear sight glass for backwash inspection.

Different pools cater to different individual needs. However, all swimmers share a  fondness of swimming. As a great life skill and exercise, swimmers want nothing but clean and clear water. While traditional sand media filtration system is high in initial as well as maintenance costs, Waterco’s Glass Pearl media effectively delivers better quality water at affordable pricing.

Waterco’s local partner, Mr. A.Shimazaki did not even consider using any other products  upon learning the benefits of Glass Pearls for  improved water quality and reduction in maintenance effort, because Glass Pearls last longer than silica sand.

Why Glass Pearl technology is the best solution?

Waterco’s Glass Pearls are unique in design. They are manufactured from 100% virgin glass geometrically shaped into a narrow particle size range of 0.6 - 0.8 mm, thus offering finer filtration than traditional filter media. It is the best choice for the following benefits.

•   Quality – Waterco’s Glass Pearls are chemically inert thus they resist contamination. The Glass Pearls have been independently lab tested and met well with Australian drinking water standards which speak for its superior quality. The greater purity allows less backwashing requirement giving head start to the filtering process.

•    Safety – When it comes to handling, Glass Pearls again stand out. It is spherical in shape and unlikely to breakdown into sharp edges. In the event of the media leaking into the swimming pool, users will not be met with the glass cutting into their skin.

•    Penetrates greater depth – The “depth filtration” that Glass Pearls offer is simply outstanding. The goal is to trap dirt in the filter bed resulting in cleaner water. Sand media being irregular in shape and size fails to do so. Glass Pearls easily achieve greater filtration because of their design. They are spherical in shape and the particle size ranges from 0.6 mm to 0.8 mm. This creates a homogenous media bed trapping the finest dirt. It has been estimated to catch even particles between 3 - 5 microns which is equivalent to one millionth of a meter.

•    Water savings in backwash – The spherical shape of Glass Pearls enable low friction during the backwash which results in less water wastage required to flush out impurities during this process.

The primary reasons for Waterco Glass Pearl acceptance by the filtration industry are improved clarity of water and easy maintenance along with cost-effectiveness.

Conclusion: Cleaner, clearer water for all swimmers for extended periods.

A pool filtration system that provides enhanced protection in comparison to conventional glass media was a welcome change. Be it for residential or commercial, you should only trust the best.

Reduced maintenance costs, water with amazing clarity for years to come make Waterco’s water solutions for swimming pools the top choice across the world.


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