Spotless ablution pools for the local neighbourhood

Fri, 17 Mar 2023

Spotless ablution pools for the local neighbourhood


Keeping the ablution pool clean and crystal-clear for wudu’

Wudu’ is an important aspect of Islamic practice and is considered an essential part of the Muslim’s daily life. Muslims are encouraged to maintain good hygiene practices, which are important for physical health and well-being. Therefore, as houses of worship, mosques are equipped with the facility of an ablution pool. Likewise, Masjid Bukit Bunga, Kota Bharu, has two ablution pools within its vicinity, one for males and another for females. As a responsible institution, the mosque places the cleanliness of its ablution pools as its top priority. 
















The male ablution pool at Masjid Bukit Bunga










The female ablution pool at Masjid Bukit Bunga


Waterco’s Solution

When Waterco was handed this project by Agrobio Solutions Sdn. Bhd., the appointed contractor of Masjid Bukit Bunga, we had just the perfect solution for their requirements. 

A unit of Micron Top Mount Fibreglass Filter with two Hydrostorm Pumps was installed at Masjid Bukit Bunga for mechanical filtration to remove any impurities and organic materials from the water. With two pumps installed, one can function as a backup. Besides, two Solclear UV Sterilisers were added to the filter system to disinfect and sterilise the water supply, killing most germs in the water.

After a period of observation, the mosque is extremely satisfied and happy with the performance of the installed filter system – the mosque is able to provide crystal-clear and clean pool water for their wudu’.

Brief Background on Project Challenges

This project faced a minor obstacle: The existing pump room space at Masjid Bukit Bunga was limited to accommodate the entire filtration system setup. This issue, however, was smartly resolved by proper and neat piping installation work, thus, making it but a slight hiccup along the project course.

Overview of the Waterco system

Micron Top Mount Fibreglass Filter  
The Waterco Micron Top Mount Fibreglass Filter is a single-piece vessel wrapped by strands of high-quality fibreglass filament. Some unique characteristics of the Waterco Fibreglass Filter include being lightweight, easy to handle and extremely sturdy. Moreover, it demands bare minimum maintenance, can withstand high stresses, is resistant to UV, fire and corrosion, and is also non-conductive and weatherproof – all features of making it a superior and smart filter choice.

The Waterco Hydrostorm is a highly efficient and robust pump, largely owing to its incorporated high-grade SS316 mechanical seal and a secondary protection seal/bracket. While the graphite SS316 mechanical seal protects the pump against corrosion from chlorine, ozone, iodine, Baquacil, bromine and salt in water, the secondary protection seal/bracket protects the pump motor by draining any leaks in the case of a worn-out mechanical seal.

Solclear UV Steriliser  
The Waterco Solclear UV steriliser uses environmental-friendly ultraviolet technology for the disinfection of water, without requiring any addition of chemical compounds. Therefore, Solclear can sterilise water safely and efficiently.



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Download : Masjid Bukit Bunga Ablution Pool case study-LOWRES.pdf




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