Waterco engineers a large output single-phase inverter pool heat pump

Mon, 17 Oct 2022


Waterco engineers a large output single-phase inverter pool heat pump

Ideal for swimming pool owners who don’t have, or can’t get, three-phase power


4th October 2022 — Sydney, Australia — Global water treatment and pool equipment manufacturer Waterco Limited (ASX:WAT) continues to flex its engineering prowess by releasing a large output single-phase inverter pool heat pump for the Australian and New Zealand markets.

Waterco’s 31kW Electroheat ECO-V Inverter Top Vent Single Phase Pool Heat Pump delivers a massive heat output of 39kW at 27C air and 32kW and 15C air achieved by the unit’s oversized evaporator area and twin fans — perfect for swimming pool owners who don’t have, or can’t get, three-phase power.

“Modern homes need a larger electricity supply than homes in the past due to our heating, cooling and electrical appliances,” says Adam Shelley, Zane Solar & Heating Manager. “This increased demand has put so much pressure on electricity networks that utility companies have implemented restrictions. This means three-phase power is not available in all residential areas and, if it is, it can be cost prohibitive.”

Upgrading a home from single- to three-phase electricity supply costs thousands of dollars, so Electroheat ECO-V’s inverter technology provides a viable option of heating larger pools without the extra expense.

“For every 1kW of electricity consumed, Electroheat ECO-V can produce up to 8kW of heat,” Shelley explains.


Key features of Waterco’s Electroheat ECO-V Inverter pool heat pumps:

  • Utilise a variable speed compressor to regulate the pool water temperature automatically and independently

  • Use a variable speed compressor motor like a car’s engine

  • Slows down and speeds up as needed to hold a selected set temperature

  • The desired set temperature will be reached more quickly and maintained more efficiently

  • Provides a more precise water temperature without the fluctuations and power wastage of fixed speed systems

  • Is significantly more energy efficient with estimated energy savings of up to 20 per cent over fixed speed systems

  • The speed control of the compressor and fan motor also means quieter operation


Key features of the Electroheat ECO-V 31KW Inverter Top venting Heat & Cool

  • Digital Controller with diagnostics

  • Select from multiple operating modes heat or cool

  • Refrigerant Pressure gauge to indicate the level of refrigerant charge held within the unit

  • Evaporators with hydrophilic blue fin coated evaporators have been introduced to ensure there is no requirement for an additional coating to be applied for units located within 1km from the sea. The epoxy coating on the coils prevents accumulation of salt, acid, dust, and water deposits, which minimises the effects of corrosion. Hydrophilic blue fin condensers do not allow water droplets to accumulate which can increase the efficiency of the pool heat pump

  • Automatic hot gas evaporator de-icing

  • Single phase power

  • Top venting

  • R32 refrigerant

“Electroheat ECO-V Inverter technology heat pumps can heat your pool in colder climates even when the ambient air temperature is close to zero degrees Celsius,” Shelley adds.

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