A Top-notch Solution for A Topnotch Clubhouse

Thu, 2 Mar 2023

A Top-notch solution for a topnotch clubhouse


The quality of Waterco products Waterco water filtration system set-up for swimming pools at BKECR is great. They need very little maintenance and operate smoothly to help ensure BKECR’s pools are always kept clean and clear.

- Mr Zul, BKECR Swimming Pools Maintenance Engineer

Situated in Malaysia’s Federal Territory, Kuala Lumpur, Berjaya Clubs’ Bukit Kiara Equestrian & Country Resort (BKECR) is renowned for its top-of-the-class clubhouse facilities, including an award-winning free-form swimming pool, a fully integrated fitness centre consisting of gymnasium, Jacuzzi, Japanese baths and indoor sports complex, and a premier equestrian field. Ballyhooed as the best and only elite equestrian club in Klang Valley, BKECR is frequented by prominent figures like former Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, as well as royalties from various states around the country.

Therefore, ever since its inception in the 1990s, BKECR has never wavered from ensuring the highest satisfaction of its fellow club members is preserved. In this regard, BKECR is constantly looking at ways to improve and maintain the utmost quality of its clubhouse facilities. As part of an expansion in 2017, BKECR has constructed an Olympic-size pool and a 4.5-metre-deep diving pool.


BKECR’s Olympic-size pool

While the maintenance of a public pool tends to be straightforward, it involves multiple aspects and steps, nonetheless. The basics of keeping a public pool clean and safe lie in the 3Cs – circulation, cleaning and chemistry: proper pool circulation must be sustained to prevent algae infestation, debris pileup and cloudy water; regular cleaning must be carried out to ensure pool cleanliness; and correct chemical balance (pH) of the pool water must be maintained to hinder bacteria, algae and microbe build-up.

Holding fast to the clubhouse’s mission, BKECR sought the consultation of Prestige Pools & Fountains Sdn. Bhd., Waterco’s authorised dealer, for an improved solution to help maintain its new public pools. Waterco’s award-winning filtration systems are anticipated to help with maintaining the cleanliness of BKECR’s pools.

Waterco Solution

Considering the needs and requirements of BKECR, Prestige Pools & Fountains came up with the following

Waterco solution:
Olympic-size pool

• Micron S900 fibreglass filter (12 units)
• Hydrostar Plus pump – 7.5 kW (4 units)

4.5-metre-deep diving pool
• Micron S900 fibreglass filter (6 units)
• Hydrostar 700 pump (3 units)



BKECR’s 4.5-metre-deep diving pool

Swimming Pool Maintenance Made Easy

With Waterco’s pool filtration systems installed, apart from keeping the pools clean and the water clear, the most notable advantage is the ease of maintenance. Since installation, the swimming pools and filtration systems require a relatively lower frequency of maintenance work. This would translate to less costly maintenance expenses and a more cost-efficient operation for the clubhouse. In the long run, Waterco’s robust filtration pumps and filters are also built to last.

Components of Waterco Pool Filtration System

Hydrostar Commercial Pump
Waterco’s Hydrostar commercial pumps are made from glass-reinforced thermoplastic which offers several advantages over conventional steel pumps. These pumps possess superior mechanical and chemical resistance, enabling them to withstand many types of treatment chemicals without being susceptible to rust and corrosion. Moreover, utilizing thermoplastic as their primary body material allows a lesser weight, making them easier to ship, transport and install.

Micron Fibreglass Filter
Waterco’s fibreglass filter is fabricated such that strands of high-quality fibreglass filaments are winded continuously into a seamless one-piece vessel with refined consistency and superior quality. The no-weld, no-seam and no-lining features prevent any corrosion and electrolysis from occurring. Furthermore, the many benefits of fibreglass filters include high resistance against fire, UV and electric;
high stress tolerance; minimum maintenance needed; lightweight and easy to handle; and high durability and service life.


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