Waterco filtration system aids crystal clear pool water

Thu, 12 Jul 2018

Swimming with swallows and dragonflies
Hailey, (Oxfordshire, UK)


“We would highly recommend a natural pool to anyone.
Without doubt it has far exceeded our expectations.”

says Ben Brown,
owner Turley Farm Barns

  • Microorganisms, plants and insects create a natural ecosystem
  • Natural pool reduces chemical costs and maintenance times
  • Waterco filtration system aids crystal clear pool water 

Setting: A working farm and holiday let in the English countryside

Nestled in Oxfordshire in South East England is Hailey, a forest township surrounded by historic hamlets and scenic countryside. The name ‘Hailey’ means a clearing (in the forest of Wychwood) where hay was made.

Locals Kate and Ben Brown operate Turley Farm Barns, which includes two holiday lets and a traditional Cotswold stone barn beautifully restored as an entertainment venue. The 25 acre working farm is home to a variety of animals including sheep, cows, pigs, hens and horses and it is this bucolic setting that attracts holidaymakers from around the country.









  The two holiday lets and a traditional Cotswold 
  stone barn beautifully restored as an entertainment venue,

  attracts holidaymakers from around the country.


Challenge: Creating a swimming pool that complements the natural environment

Ben, who was introduced to the natural beauty of a chemical-free pool by his cousin, wanted to create a swimming environment that would enhance the picturesque landscape rather than detract from it.

“The rural location and surroundings lent itself to a natural pool rather than concrete or fibreglass options,” says Waterco Europe CEO Tony Fisher. “Just as important was the fact that Ben and Kate did not want to swim in chlorine and the other chemicals associated with more traditional pools – they wanted the experience of swimming in a totally natural environment.”










 A natural swimming pool, or pond, as some
 call it, uses biofiltration to keep the water
 clean, clear and healthy.


Mountain Pools managing director Tim Gunning says a natural pool is not only a great way to swim on hot days but is also a bonus from an environmental standpoint as it encourages wildlife to the garden.

“We have been swimming in rivers, lakes and ponds since the beginning of time and the big difference today is that we want to enjoy the water without catching something unpleasant,” he says. “That’s why chemical systems were developed for pools and their effectiveness is often described as ‘killing everything but the swimmer’.”

Solution: Priceless peace of mind that comes with Waterco’s pool filtration solutions

A natural swimming pool, or pond, as some call it, uses biofiltration to keep the water clean, clear and healthy. And as Tim explains, if it’s designed well, it has the ability to seamlessly blend into the garden landscape.

“A natural pool is an oasis for microorganisms, plants and insects that all form part of the ecosystem, resulting in a crystal clear pool that when the sun does shine, is there to be enjoyed by man as well.”

Tim, in conjunction with the Natural Pools swimming pool company, designed and built a
250m3 rectangular pool with a large regeneration area where impurities are absorbed by specialist plants as nutrients and harmful bacteria are destroyed by natural water organisms. 

“The flowers and plants are not only vital to the purity of the water and workings of the pool but also gives the pool a stunning look throughout the seasons,” he explains.









Aquabiome-Exotuf is designed for ponds and water garden.
It provides mechanical and biological filtration in a single housing.


“Two timber walkways lead to the pool where people can sit and enjoy the serene setting with a beverage or simply use it as a diving platform.”

Assisting the filtration process is Waterco’s Exotuff 702 bead filter, 2 x Aquamite 1HP pumps and a MC16 MultiCyclone, a combination Tony says is ideal for natural pools and ponds.

“Exotuf is far superior mechanically and biologically to anything else on the market while the Aquamite pumps are ideal for recirculation systems used in conjunction with ponds and water features due to its compact design and high degree of energy efficiency,” he explains.

Waterco’s award-winning MultiCyclone removes debris through the process of centrifugal filtration prior to reaching the Exotuf filter, which is considered a market leader due to its sturdy tank design as well as unique lateral arrangement and water distribution headers.

“This ensures the best mechanical and biological filtration is achieved at all times,” Tony says.

When building a natural swimming pool, Tim says it’s vitally important that the equipment installed is of the highest quality and performance to ensure consistently high-quality results.

“And for this reason, I have only used and installed Waterco pumps and filters for a number of years, including at this pool in Shropshire,” says Tim.

“Knowing that Waterco has been manufacturing and supplying its products all over the world, in many different applications, for over 30 years gives us full confidence in the company’s supply, quality and service,” he says. It also helps that they’re based in the UK.”

Conclusion: A swimming pool natural ecosystem that enhances guest experience

The pool’s regeneration area and plants attract local wildlife, with dragonflies and swallows enjoying the pool as much as the owners and guests.

“A number of guests have commented how much they enjoy using the pool when staying at the farm,” says Ben, who swims at least 20 pool lengths each day.”

“We would highly recommend a natural pool to anyone. Without doubt it has far exceeded our expectations,” he says. “It was a great journey from the initial water colour design to the first time we took a swim. It was worth every penny.”










 A swimming pool natural ecosystem that
 enhances guest experience.






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