Chlorine-free solution designed for des watering hole frequented by exotic animals

Fri, 7 Oct 2016


North Pole to Dubai


"The client wanted a chlorine free system that was easy to operate and gave excellent water quality. We recommended a Hydroxypure system to suit the use with reindeers and it has worked extremely well".

says Tony Fisher,
Managing Director of Waterco Europe.


When thinking about reindeers, most people’s minds turn immediately to snow, freezing winds and the North Pole (and Santa and his sleigh). 

The last place on earth one would expect to find a herd of reindeer is in a backyard in the middle of Dubai, which is home to over two million people and has a climate that can be described as ‘tropical desert’. 

It’s no wonder the owner of this private residence requested a special pool be built in his backyard especially for the reindeer; temperatures can reach up to 50 degrees Celsius in height of summer!

“The 80m³ pool was built so the reindeer had a place to cool off and relax in summer,” explains Tony Fisher, Managing Director of Waterco Europe.

“The client wanted a chlorine free system that was easy to operate and gave excellent water quality. We recommended a Hydroxypure system to suit the use with reindeers and it has worked extremely well.”

Using the power of a hybrid ozone and Perox – a specifically blended hydrogen peroxide, Hydroxypure works by increasing the level of active oxygen in the water. This turbocharges the sanitation process and results in water that is safe, free of chemical by products and enriched with oxygen. 

Being a truly chlorine-free water treatment system, Hydroxypure provided exactly what the client needed; clean, clear pool water that would not harm the animals in any way.

Hydroxypure cleverly responds to different demands
such as hot weather, high bather loads, rain and
water top-ups; in fact the Hydroxypure system
automatically adjusts dosing requirements to suit

“Obviously the client did not want chlorine being used due to the reindeers,” says Tony. “We had to consider the size of the pool and the fact that reindeer, rather than people, were using the pool to cool off relax... so the system had to be designed with this in mind. 

“The client also wanted a system that was easy to operate and was self-managing and which involved a simple installation. Reindeer are actually quite dangerous, so it was essential that the system be self-managing so time spent inside the enclosure was limited. The Hydroxypure system fulfils all of this criteria.”

The reindeer now enjoy crystal clear, chlorine-free water as a result of this easy to operate system. Tony says both the client and the reindeer seem happy with the water quality: “The reindeer use it every day and there have been no issues.”

The pool is 1.4m deep in some parts (perfect for the
reindeer to completely cool off in!) and features a
fountain and waterfall, which serve the dual purpose
of looking great and aerating the water.

Also installed in the pool were two Waterco 70XL commercial MultiCyclone centrifugal pre-filtration devices; these are crucial in helping to keep the water clean and reducing maintenance time. 

“One of the problems they had is that water is a valuable commodity in the desert and they could only backwash a maximum of 5m³ of water a day,” explains Tony. 

“The MultiCyclone 70XL is designed specifically for use in commercial pools, so it was ideal for this situation. The two devices were installed so that a lot of the debris was removed prior to the water going through the filtration system. This meant that both the frequency and backwashing times were reduced and fell below the 5m³ per day target.”


MultiCyclone 70XL is a brilliant per-filtration device
that works on the basis of centrifugal water filtration
and is designed with no moving parts and no filter
media to clean or replace.

Hydroxypure– at a glance

  • Waterco’s Hydroxypure sanitisation system uses the power of a hybridozone and Perox – a specifically blended hydrogen peroxide
  • It is the most advanced breakthrough in healthy swimming pool and spa sanitisation
  • Hybrid ozone (O³) technology simulates the action of the sun by converting ambient air into ozone – free from impurities
  • The Advance Oxidation Process has the superior ability to remove bacterial threats such as parasites and algae from pool and spa water
  • Creates a safe water environment without harmful chemical by-products
  • Automatically adjusts to fix any imbalances in the water: low maintenance
  • Salt-free, chlorine-free and odourless
  • No chemical wastage while using the system
  • No build-up of chemical residues, and splash marks are stain free
  • Can be installed in new or existing pool installations
  • Endorsed by the National Asthma Council of Australia and approved by its reputable Sensitive Choice® program

Download Raindeer Pool Dubai Case Study 

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