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Wed, 15 Sep 2021

Before utilizing the water for various purposes, such as in swimming pools, it must be purified, removing grit and impurities. In this regard, centrifugal separation is one of the most effective purification techniques to attain better water quality.

This swimming pool water purification system involves centrifugal separators that use centrifugal force to separate solid particles from the water. The separated particles are then removed from the water before they can reach the main filter in the setup. This apparatus’s separation efficiency is highly reliable for achieving clean water.


Applications and Benefits of Centrifugal Separation as a Pre-Filter

●Easy Maintenance: The centrifugal separator is maintenance-free because it does not have moving parts. A purge valve is incorporated to flush out contaminants.
●High Efficiency: The centrifugal separator has an impressive efficiency rate that makes it high in demand for improved water quality.
●Zero Downtime: There are no filter medias in the centrifugal separator setup, so there is no need to change medias regularly to remove accumulated debris.


Types of Centrifugal Water Filter Systems


MultiCyclone 12

With an up to 80% dirt load filtration load, the MultiCyclone 12 is one of the best of its kind in the market. It enhances the performance of the water or pool cleaner and improves water circulation. It also saves water because only 15 litres is discharged to cleanse the MultiCyclone.

The MultiCyclone Pre-Filter comes with no moving parts, which makes it maintenance-free. Installing this filter reduces the backwash frequency of your regular filter to once per year, saving up to 7,000 litres of water annually. It is corrosion-proof, has 12 hydro cyclones, glass-filled reinforced thermoplastic, and a clear polycarbonate sediment chamber where sediment filtration is monitored.


●12 hydro clones
●Glass-filled reinforced thermoplastic
●40mm/½” quick fit unions
●25mm/1” sediment purge valve
●Easy to clean and maintain as there are no complex or moving parts
●Ultraviolet rays proof


MultiCyclone 16

Popular water filter supplier Waterco’s award-winning MultiCyclone 16 is an asset that offers users genuine value for their money. Featuring a hydraulic system, it intercepts 80% of incoming dirt before it gets to your filter. This process eases the filter’s workload, reduces backwash, and enhances your filter system’s efficiency and lifespan. 

With no moving parts in the MultiCyclone 16, there is no need for maintenance. More so, this design improves water circulation for improved clarity.

The MultiCyclone 16 features a clear sediment chamber where the sediment build-up can be monitored. If there’s a lot of build-up in the chamber, it can be emptied by opening the purge valve.


●Saves up to 7,000 litres of water per year from backwashing
●16 hydro cyclones
●Zero maintenance as filter media is not cleaned or replaced
●Saves water during cleaning as only 15 litres of water is used
●Glass-filled reinforced thermoplastic


MultiCyclone Pro

When it comes to filtering sediments heavier than water, the MultiCyclone Pro fits the bill. The MultiCyclone Pro is an award-winning water filter system brilliantly designed for commercial purposes with a maximum pressure rating of 690 kPa. It functions based on centrifugal water filtration. 

The MultiCyclone Pro does not have moving parts, which makes it easy to clean and maintain. It can be cleaned by simply opening the purge valve, making this filter system suitable for new and existing installations.

This filter system is a high-pressure model. It comes with 50 mm (2”) quick-fit unions, a hydraulically efficient, corrosion-proof design, and a 25 mm (1”) sediment purge valve.


●Clear polycarbonate sediment chamber
●16 multiple hydro clones
●Glass-filled reinforced thermoplastic body
●Simple maintenance as no moving parts are involved
●Extended filter capacity that filters up to 80% of incoming dirt load


MultiCyclone 70XL

The award-winning MultiCyclone 70XL is specifically designed for commercial water facilities such as swimming pools. With this pre-filter, 80% of dirt is intercepted before it gets to the main filter, reducing maintenance, saving backwash water, and improving water circulation.

The MultiCyclone 70XL features 4” ports and 70 cyclones. Accumulation of sediment can be visibly monitored through the MultiCyclone’s inspection ports.

The MultiCyclone 70XL is one of the best MultiCyclone models.



●70 hydrocyclones configured to guarantee efficient and optimal filtration
●Large sediment chamber
●UV and corrosion-proof
●Sediment injection port
●Improves water circulation with a maximum pressure rating of 2.5 bar
●A maximum flow rate of 90mᶟ/hr


In a Nutshell 

The aforementioned Centrifugal Water Filter Systems are designed using state-of-the-art technology to ensure clean and clear swimming pool water so the swimmer can have a life of enjoyment and exercise. If you are looking for a water filter system or water purification system for your swimming pool, get in touch with Waterco, your professional and reliable water filter supplier. 

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