Three Reasons Why You Need Lighting in Your Swimming Pool

Wed, 27 Oct 2021

lightning in swimming pool


It is not only during the day that one can go for a swim. Many pool owners prefer swimming at night. Aside from night-time swimming, parties or other night activities are generally held near a pool as well. In these cases, lighting your swimming pool is crucial for enhancing its aesthetics and safety.

You have probably seen illuminated swimming pools in homes and hotels. They add so much lighting to the environment, improve their appearance and is a key feature in its  basic design and functionality. For these reasons, we recommend including sufficient lighting options in your swimming pool design.


What Swimming Pool Lights Should You Use and How Do They Work

Not all light bulbs are designed to be used in swimming pools. LED lights  are better than incandescent light bulbs and are most suitable for pools. This is because instead of a filament, they have a microchip. An electric current that passes through the microchip, illuminating the LED. The LED’s warm brightness throws light into the pool, making it greatly visible at night. 

LED pool lights feature built-in heat sinks that cool them when they overheat. They also use less energy compared to incandescent light bulbs. You won’t rack up an outrageous energy bill every month.


Why Good Lighting Is Important for Swimming Pools


1. Safety

Having a well-lit swimming pool is essential if you want to ensure the maximum safety of your family, friends, and guests. Adequate lighting will allow them to see and avoid crashing into other swimmers. They will also be able to see the ladder in and out of the pool. Without lighting, they could slip and hurt themselves. Swimmers need lighting to see the swimming pool bottom and sides so that they can prevent collision and other safety risks.  


2. Attractiveness

Lighting your pool increases its attractiveness, thereby drawing people to take a splash in it. Well-designed swimming pools coupled with brilliant lighting add charm to the atmosphere and boost the swimming experience. Underwater light beams will have people admiring the attractive look of your swimming pool; they will be fascinated and intrigued. More so, your pool will become the go-to spot for relaxation and fun among your swimmer friends.

You can discuss with your service provider about effectively lighting your swimming pool and they will help you come up with a suitable option.


3. Utility

When you add good quality lighting to your swimming pool, your family, friends, and guests can enjoy a dip at night. You can go for a swim, confidently knowing that your safety is highly ensured. Having a party or hanging out with family or friends beside a well-lit swimming pool at night also brings an exciting vibe to the occasion. Under the scintillating lights of the pool, you and your friends can enjoy a meal and quality time whenever you desire. 


The Bottom Line 

Lighting your swimming pool is an awesome way to enhance its aesthetics, safety, and utility. It is a great way to ensure that swimmers are safe when taking a dip at night and make your pool highly attractive for swimmers.

Swimming pool lights come in a variety of colours, enabling you to customise the colour according to your mood and occasion. The colours can serve as a decorative tool to enhance the aesthetics of your pool, making it unique.

If you are looking to install top-quality lighting options in your pool, get in touch with Waterco, to get professional advice and consultation. We also offer reliable solutions for healthy, safe water environments, including pool filter systems. Feel free to discuss the kind of light you want with our design team to find one that matches your swimming pool. You and your family will enjoy swimming in an illuminated pool for many years to come.

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