5 Benefits of Inverter Pool Heat Pumps

Thu, 26 May 2022

inverter pool heat pumps

What is an inverter heat pump?

An inverter heat pump is an innovative and revolutionary method of generating heat. It is a device that provides a cost-effective and efficient means of creating and distributing heat. 

Pool inverter heat pumps work by drawing energy from outdoor air and using a refrigerant to circulate heat generated to keep your swimming pool warm.

Inverter pool heat pumps offer a high level of energy efficiency which helps keep monthly energy bills low. Moreover, they are a reliable way to generate heat without increasing the carbon footprint.


Benefits of inverter pool heat pumps

1. More Efficient

Using the traditional method of heating swimming pools is costly. Because fossil fuels are used to generate heat, the energy bills accrued at the end of every month are usually on the high side. 

Inverter pool heat pumps provide a cheaper way to generate heat energy for your swimming pool. 

They reduce the amount of energy lost in each cycle, thereby lowering energy consumption and enhancing energy efficiency in the pool. This helps you control the heating of your pool.


2. Quieter

Most pool heat pumps are known to be environmental pollutants in the sense that they create lots of noise. 

The noise they create as they produce heat can be disturbing and discomforting. This can also cause wear and tear on the machine's mechanical parts in the long run.

Inverter pool heat pumps are quieter during operation. Most of these pool heat pumps produce hardly any noise, which makes for a relaxing and pleasurable experience during swimming if the pump is installed close to the pool. 

Also, the quieter sound during operation elongates the durability of the compressor and other necessary heating parts of the system.


3. Soft-start

On-off heat pump types usually encounter a power spike problem. This is because the speed of the pump is not increased when it is powered on. The pump uses all its powers and switches off when it reaches the required temperature. 

Also, house lights can flicker or electrical breakers can trip when the heat pump is in operation. These can cause power issues.

Inverter pool heat pumps come with a soft-start feature that ensures the speed of the pump slowly increases to the desired speed when in use. 

This smooth start-up prevents the issues associated with an on-off heat pump such as electrical breakers tripping on the consumer unit.


4. Ability to Function at Negative Temperatures

Inverter pool pumps work smartly. Once the temperature has been set, the heat automatically adjusts its output to reach a temperature change. 

In addition, inverter heat pumps work in negative temperatures. This makes them reliable for generating heat in areas where the weather conditions are unfavourable.


5. Highly Durable

Inverter pool heat pumps' ability to start gradually and not cause a peak in power consumption does not have much impact on the essential mechanical parts. 

Because they do not run at full speed and generate peak loads, they are highly durable and give you a bang for your buck.


In Closing 

Waterco’s Electroheat ECO-V inverter pool heat pumps employ a fraction of the energy to provide the same amount of heat produced by gas and electric heaters, and unlike solar heating, there is no reliance on the sun because the latent heat in the air is used.

As such, it offers users cost-effective heating and energy-efficient heating thanks to the inverter technology.

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