How to Check the Water Quality of the Swimming Pool

Mon, 16 Jan 2023

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To ensure a swimming pool is hygienic and fit to be used, it is critical to maintain an appropriate pH level in the pool’s water at all times to guarantee safe swimming sessions. 

If the pH is too high, it can irritate the skin and damage the swimming pool equipment. If the pool's pH is too low, the chlorine in the pool may not be as effective.


What is a good pH level?

The pH scale runs from 0 to 14. A pH level of 0 implies that the water is the most acidic. A pH of 14 indicates that the water is quite alkaline. 

It is recommended that the pH level for swimming pools be between 7 and 7.6, which suggests a healthy balance of acidity and alkalinity. Anyone swimming in a pool with a pH greater than 8 is in danger of getting rashes, while a pH lower than seven can hurt swimmers' eyes.
So a balanced pH level is what you should aim for. Multiple factors can affect the pH level of a swimming pool, like the number of swimmers, chemicals, and also heavy rains. You must remember to examine the pH level of your swimming pool regularly.


How does a swimming pool’s water get contaminated?

Swimming pools are a significant source of contamination that can cause sickness. But how do they get contaminated? Here are some common factors:

  • The principal pollutants of health hazards are bodily fluids such as sweat, surface skin/dirt pollution, urine, and fecal matter.
  • Bird poop, algae, debris, leaves, and rain surface runoff may all pollute outdoor pools.
  • If you are a pet owner who allows their pet to share the same swimming pool, then the contamination levels are bound to rise. Your pets have a lot of microorganisms and tiny creatures on their fur, these can get mixed into the water of the swimming pool and contaminate it further. Letting them take a nice swim on a hot day while they are sweating is also not a great idea if you want to keep your pool safe for your kids.
  • If you do not have pets, you can still be a victim of animal-related pool contamination. Do you cover your pool when you're not using it? If not, you might find occasional dead frogs, lizards, or insects in your swimming pool, which can lead to contamination. 


Why is it crucial to have a proper pH for swimming pools?

1. Reduces chlorine's efficacy

High pH reduces chlorine's efficacy. The less effective chlorine is, the more alkaline or basic your water is. As an outcome, you will spend additional money on chlorine while still having dirty water.


2. Prevent vinyl liners damage

An unbalanced pH can damage vinyl liners. Wrinkling can occur when the pH of a vinyl liner is low. A vinyl liner can age quicker and may need to be changed sooner if the pH is high. 


3. Prevent acidic water

Alternatively, corrosion can occur when the pH is too low. Corrosion will appear on the pool filter system, slides, ladders, and diving board supports if the pH of the water is too low. Acidic water can also damage the plaster in a gunite swimming pool.


4. Prevent skin damage

Improperly regulated water irritates the eyes and skin. Acidic and alkaline water can both induce stinging irritation to the eyes and nasal cavity. The human body is naturally close to the middle of the pH scale. 

As a result, both high and low-pH water can destroy the skin's natural oil barrier, making it dry and irritable.


5. Prevent cloudy or murky water and mineral deposits

A high pH can also cause cloudy water. As the pH increases, many minerals precipitate out of the solution, resulting in cloudy or murky water and mineral deposits. 

Final takeaways 

Keeping the pH level under control is an ongoing task. It is not something that can be taken care of at once. In fact, pH levels should be tested frequently to ensure they haven't altered in the past 24 hours. 
To test the water in your swimming pool:

  • Choose a location away from the pool filtration system.
  • Submerge a LaMotte WaterLink Spin Touch and Instant Test Strips for about 10 seconds.
  • When removing the strip from the water, avoid shaking off any extra water.
  • When the shades on the strip fill in, compare them to the color range on the box. 

Waterco’s LaMotte WaterLink Spin Touch and Instant Test Strips can help you achieve the best results. For further information, get in touch with Waterco, your reliable swimming pool equipment and accessory supplier in Malaysia, for a full consultation. 

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