Ammonia Removal

• Removal of ammonia
• Low entry cost
• Thermoplastic technology
• Easy backwash filter

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Superior Strength with Ease of Maintenance
Exotuf filters are considered one of the strongest filters
within its class. Its filter vessel is precision injection moulded
within minimal tolerances for enhanced structural strength.
Cleaning the filter can be done with ease of turning of the
filter handle and high powered pumps.

Dual Filtration
ZeoPlus provides excellent mechanical filtration of
suspended particles. In addition to trapping the larger
particulates between the grains of the ZeoPlus (similar to
the filtration mechanism of sand), ZeoPlus is also capable
of filtering the smaller particulates by catching them within
its micro porous structure and surface irregularities.
It is this dual filtration action that helps ZeoPlus achieves
superior water clarity.

Ammonia Removal
Ammonia is released whenever fish waste or fish food
breaks down in the pond water. This chemical is very toxic
to the fishes and it should be removed immediately or it
needs to be converted to nitrates by nitrifying bacterias.

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