Finsbury Counter Top Filter

Disruptor™ filtration technology

Utilising electroadsorption, the entire disruptor media is covered by an electric charge, which is activated by contact with water. It is this charge field that captures contaminants in the water.


• Rapid filtration
• Quick and easy filter replacement
• Long lasting filter cartridges

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Removal capabilities:

Carbon cartridge 

• Improves taste 
• Reduces odour
• Reduces bacteria
• Reduces volatile organic compounds (VOC)

Disruptor cartridge

• Reduces lead and mercury
• Reduces cysts
• Reduces dirt, sediment and rust
• Reduces chlorine
• Reduces giardia and cryptosporidium

Finsbury Water Filters are they BPA free?

Yes. The potential release of Bisphenol A is related to the use of polycarbonate. All Finsbury Water Filters materials in direct contact with water do not contain Polycarbonate and are food grade and BPA free.

Can I change the filters myself?

Yes. All Finsbury Water Filters products are designed with simplicity and user friendliness in mind, for ease of use all filters are very easy to replace. For further information please refer to the instructions.

Do I need to wash my filter?

No. Under no circumstance should you use any detergents or put your filter through a dishwasher. 

Can I use hot water in my Finsbury Water Filters?

We do not recommend extremely hot or boiling water is run through the filter as this could affect the performance. This excludes shower filters.

Can I drink waters from a stream or dam?

Finsbury Water Filters will remove virtually all harmful contaminants that you will find in a typical unpurified water source such as a stream or dam. However, as an unpurified water source could have additional unknown contaminants, it is not recommended to drink this water.

Can I filter any liquid with my Finsbury Water Filters product and will it be drinkable?

No. Our products are designed to filter water only.

Do Finsbury Water Filters water products remove fluoride?

No. Fluoride is a natural mineral that can be found in municipal water supplies. Throughout the world, some water agencies add this to the water supply. Finsbury Water Filters water filters are not designed to remove fluoride.

What can heavy metals be reduced?

Finsbury Water Filters products utilising the Disruptor™ PACV filter media are able to reduce Chromium VI, Copper, Lead, Iron and Selenium.

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