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Economical Multimedia Filter



• Economical multimedia filtration
• Removes ammonia
• Long lasting and easy to handle

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Economical Multimedia Filtration
MicronVital offers the cost-effective solution for an excellent point of entry filtration. The economical multimedia filter ensures incoming water is treated with ammonia removal via ZeoPlus zeolite media. This is followed by additional mechanical filtration to ensure dirt or foreign particles are trapped within the sand media.

Ammonia Adsoprtion
A filter’s ability to filter fine particles is also due to the adsorption of the filter media – that is when particles adhere to the surface of the filter media. ZeoPlus in MicronVital is a filter media with enhanced ammonia adsorption capabilities.

Strength and Refined Filament Winding
Waterco’s advanced filament winding machine winds continuous strands of fibreglass onto the filter’s inner tank to strengthen the filter so that it is able to withstand high water pressures with working pressures up to 700kPa. It is able to tolerate fluctuating water pressures as well.

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